The Bracelet


You are unique. Bohnd Bracelets wants to give you a way to show that. 

Bohnd Bracelets are two bracelets (one being reversible) that fit into one another, creating one single bracelet. This design allows you to wear multiple colors that represent your particular interests.

This unique design allows for endless combinations. You can match it with any outfit, uniform, or cause you want to represent. 

The Connection

Since the inner bracelet is removable, it allows you to trade colors with another person. When you see someone who is wearing a Bohnd Bracelet, ask, "What do your colors mean?"


Learn about what makes that person unique, trade, and continue to tell that persons story. The base band allows you to maintain a piece of who you are, while the outer band allows you to tell someone else's story. 

The Pitch

Bohnd Bracelets began after we competed in a business plan competition in college, and used the winnings to pay for our first manufacturing run. It's our desire to pass that along, because we believe a little bit of money in the right hands can go a long way. 

10% of all profits are saved and used to host pitch nights where students can present their ideas and win money to get their idea off the ground. Staying true to the purpose of the bracelets, all ideas must have the mission of bringing people together in some way.